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About CJ!

CJ began his career working at The Humble Abode, a boutique day spa off Melrose Ave. in the heart of West Hollywood, where he began to hone his skills while providing treatments to tourists, residents, and the elite alike, both in-spa and in-home.  After returning from living abroad In July of 2011, CJ relocated to Orange County to provide a range of high-quality massage and body treatments to a new demographic of discerning clients.  He settled in Huntington Beach upon his return to the states, and began working for Equinox Fitness Club of Newport Beach in their exclusive Spa in Equinox, where he continues to refine his trade and work on professional athletes, renowned doctors, distinguished professors, and business executives.

While still working at The Spa, CJ stepped out on his own and took up residence in Pure Skin Logic where he offered an even wider array of services to a new group of discerning and elite clients.  With a suite of services ranging from Swedish and deep-tissue massages, aromatherapy, reflexology, and cupping just to name a few, CJ made a grand entrance once again by sharing his unique twist on a host of Eastern and Western modalities blended specifically for each and every client, and looks to do so again now that he has relocated to Costa Mesa—because each person that steps into his room is unique, so why shouldn’t their massage be?


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