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Treatments and Rates


Massage and Body Treatments



1 hr $60

1.5 hr $90

Relax as long, flowing movements are used to increase circulation and rejuvenate the body.

Deep Tissue

1 hr $60

1.5 hr $90

Are you sore or overworked? Benefit from a variety of movements and stretches focused on reducing and eliminating pain and soreness.


1 hr $70

1.5 hr $100

Experience cupping, the ancient healing art that has transcended time and culture, now with a modern twist.  Suction cups of varying sizes are used to increase flow and remove stagnation throughout the body.

Hot Stone


1.5 hr $120

Melt away as warmed basalt stones are used to transport you to a new realm of relaxation while benefiting sore, achy, and tired bodies.


1 hr $70

1.5 hr $100

Indulge in a custom scentscape just for you.  Aside from the pleasing aroma, essential oils tout a variety of properties beneficial to the body, mind, and soul.

Body Scrub


1 hr $80

Invigorate and revitalize while doing good for your body! Scrubs can reenergize listless bodies through exfoliation, vigorous strokes, and energizing oils.

Body Wrap


1.5 hr $120

This multi-part treatment includes a body scrub, body wrap, and massage.  Each custom-blended wrap is tailored to your specific needs for a one of a kind body investment.

Alternative Therapies



1 hr $75

Originating in Ancient China, this deeply relaxing treatment works points on the hands or feet to remove stagnations in the body’s energy, or ki pathways.


30 min $35

1 hr $65

Reiki—the sacred life force—is a Japanese method of energy work consisting of a series of hand placements aimed at channeling nature’s energy, or ki to rebalance the individual.

Add-Ons and Upgrades

Massage Add-On

30 min $30

Cupping Add-On

15 min $20

Body Scrub Add-On

30 min $35

Reflexology Add-On

30 min $30

Reiki Add-On

30 min $30

Paraffin Add-On

Hands/Feet $10
Both $15

Himalayan Salt Stone Upgrade


Upgrade your hot stone massage to include Himalayan salt hot stones, and take two stones to use at home.


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